Tasting the Midwest

Love wine? Want to explore the perfect mix of fine wine, stunning views, and small-town charm?

The Midwest Wine Password is the perfect way to explore farm wineries and vineyards in the Midwest.

This is how it works:

As an individual or a couple you can purchase a passport for either $25 or $50.

This passport opens the gates to vineyards where you will receive a coplimentary tasting of your choice.

The average tasting costs a non-password holder $10 to $15 for a "Flight" or "Tasting." If you visit ten wineries, this would turn into $100 to $150 for individuals and $200 to $300 for a couple!


Purchasing the Midwest Wine passwords offers impressive savings--$75 to $250


Four easy steps to join!

1. Register for a free membership

2. Purchase a passport and get ten free tastings

3. Search from our large catalog of wineries

4. Scan the QR code at the winery of your choice


5. Enjoy!



Creating An Account

The first step to exploring the best wineries in the Midwest has to offer is to create an account. You can register at

Choose an "Individual Passport" if you plan on going to the winery for a single complimentary tasting per visit.

If you are planning on bringing a guest, pick the "Couples Password."






Personal Information

We understand the concerns about collecting personal information, so we collect the bare minimum needed to provide the best services and experiences.

No information will be sold.

To keep the system safe, a valid mobile number and email address is required to send an email and text message with validation codes for authentication purposes.

All that is needed to authenticate requestration is clicking on the links in both the text and email that was provided.


Explore More Wineries

Once the email and mobile numbers have been , log into Midwest Wine Passport and explore all the participating wineries through the "Explore More Wineries" link.

On the Winery's Passport page, the winery's unique story can be read.

At the top of the Passport a QR Code will show. If there are available Stamps, then the QR code will be shown the the sommeliers to scan for a complimentary tasting.

Remember. A complimentary tasting can be enjoyed only once within a 180 day window.

Driving directions can be found by clicking on the correlating links on the Wineries page or by visiting the wineries website. Wineries can be sent emails or be called right from a mobile device.


Recent Visits

Once a complimentary tasting has been redeemed, the winery visited will now be shown in the "Recent Visit" section.

There will be two buttons available to provide feedback or write tasting notes. "Rate this Winery" offers the assignment of 0 for poor to 5 for outstanding glasses.

Comments can be left to the host about the visit. The actual comments will not be shared with the wineries. However, the general context of the comment will be provided to the winery to aid thim in improving their services.

"Add Tasting Notes" is viewable by the customer. This data will never be shared.





We have over sixty wineries to choose from, and that list is growing!