Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Present your passport at any of the participating wineries to redeem a FREE tasting. That's one tasting, per winery, per Passport (up to 10). Tastings typically cost $5-12 per visit; but with the passport you receive 10 - making it a great value!
If you are visiting with groups of 6 or more, please call ahead to make an appointment.

It's winter. Are they open?

Many wineries are on live, operating farms - at least 25 of our 48 locations are operating year-around. You may check the locations you are interested in visiting via the locations page (selecting a winery will allow you to go to their website for more information).

Does the Passport Expire?

No! The passport is only 'expired' when you have redeemed all 10 tastings.

What is a 'wine tasting'?

A 'wine tasting' is typically a 1oz. sampling of the wines produced by the winery. You may sample 3-10 wines at any participating winery. Without the passport, tastings typically cost $5-12 per visit; but with the passport you receive 10 for free - making it a great value!

Which wineries can I visit?

See the locations page for details.

I lost my passport.

Sorry, but we are unable to provide refunds or replacements for lost or stolen passports.

When will I receive my passport?

Passports will be delivered by mail, typically within 5 days.

I did not receive a gift voucher at checkout.

You can get to it here!

Other questions or problems, contact
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